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I decided to become an Ethereum developer. After completing interactive courses on BlockLearn, writing a smart contract turned out to be very easy.

Aytuğ Demireğen
Product and Technology Consultant

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Interactive Coding

Learn to code in a new way of education. Our platform provides online blockchain learning experience for developers.

Well-structured Courses 

Enhance your skills, expand your knowledge and learn to build blockchain applications. 

Multi Dimensional Learning

Whether you're developing your first smart contract or trying to learn blockchain basics, start with BlockLearn.

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Be part of the challenge and prepare for technical interviews in blockchain industry. Pursue a more fulfilling career.

- Do you offer certificates? 
Yes. Upon completing course packs, you can earn certificates. 

- I don't have a programming background. Is this a problem? 
No. Courses start from scratch. But knowing coding basics or programming language might be helpful. 

- Do you set up the interviews after completing course packs? 
No. We just offer special job opportunities in blockchain industry. 

- Do I need to download any software? 
No. This is an interactive coding platform. You can run your codes within BlockLearn environment.

Blockchain Basics

Learn the fundamentals of the blockchain technology. Understand how Bitcoin and Ethereum changed the operation of network business at a technical level. Develop your basic understanding on blockchain.

Featured Courses

Smart Contract Development

Learn to create smart contracts using Ethereum. Develop your first contract for a decentralized network. Learn Solidity and improve your coding skills in an interactive environment. Become a smart contract developer.

Blockchain App Development

Learn to develop integrated blockchain applications. Improve your comprehensive skills by learning how to build a blockchain network. Become a full stack blockchain developer.


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